Things in Minecraft that make NO sense!

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Things in Minecraft that make NO sense! Grian lists all the things that don't make much sense in Minecraft.. Logic goes out the window sometimes in exchange for gameplay - I thought it would be funny to share my observations with you!

The examples in this video are from Java Minecraft only.

Thank you to DomRao, Spring, Oculism, Jbip for their suggestions for this video!

TattierPoem преди 4 часа
The mansion is to scare the villagers
Luucasbigpro05 преди 6 часа
8:50 Maybe Its Spider-Man’s Web
Ngô Minh Sơn
Ngô Minh Sơn преди 9 часа
if mojang thinks that redstone having a space with pistons make no sense then hidden redstone will go extinct and redstone trappers will no longer appear
•-• преди 9 часа
But really tho the stonecutter one if it deals damage it would become a simpler and maybe cheaper if you cant afford lava for some reason slab with lava
Stefano Socratous
Stefano Socratous преди 14 часа
You’re score is your experience level
Molly Holman
Molly Holman преди 14 часа
The poor chicken. Strange why you used him over anyone else... sus
Wings The RobloxYT
Wings The RobloxYT преди 16 часа
Prickly boi
HkayakH преди ден
6:52 do not take haste 2 and efficiency 5 for granite
Random Vids
Random Vids преди ден
im pretty sure the “score” is how many xp orbs u collected
Molly Holman
Molly Holman преди ден
you need a part 2. what about cauldron lava? you could do a whole episode on just that
Vam Ngon Xiong
Vam Ngon Xiong преди ден
Did u know there's a 0.1 chance of getting a baby squid
Kendra Jensen
Kendra Jensen преди ден
another thing netherite in lava netherite in shulker in lava say bye bye to netherite
Adriana Harper
Adriana Harper преди ден
Forget Caves and Cliffs... Minecraft needs an update called Logic and Sense.
One of your class mates
One of your class mates преди ден
Not being able to make chain armour but we have chain
TheTeddyMaster 123
TheTeddyMaster 123 преди ден
What makes no sense is that 1 square metre of wood can be crafted into only 1 button implying that the button is 1 square metre as well but if you place it on a block you can see it quite clearly isn’t
Simply Pink Roblox
Simply Pink Roblox преди ден
I agree with you about the cake but also the cake should have buckets in it...
Pandasforever преди ден
Grian:its a goaless game Me:then what is the enderagon for?
Jūłã_ťhə_čâť преди ден
I just realised you have 23 levels
Learn With Liss
Learn With Liss преди ден
Um, u forgot that... BLOCKS LITERALLY FLOAT IN THE SKY!!!!!!!!!!
TC Mackenzie
TC Mackenzie преди ден
why does when a skeleton hits a TNT with with a regular arrow it doesn't explodes but on a flame arrow it does?
moonlight преди ден
Cactus wins
Charles Espiritu
Charles Espiritu преди ден
XP is ur score lol
Allan Reyes
Allan Reyes преди ден
Sponge and snow if you jump you die
21_Indrava Sarkar_IIIB
21_Indrava Sarkar_IIIB преди ден
Squam Bob
Squam Bob преди ден
the score is how many xp points you have picked up before your death
scp 173
scp 173 преди ден
Anybody remember that stone cutters used explode and does nothing
Lynn Short
Lynn Short преди 2 дни
Grian you've been procrastinating in the shower again haven't you
Jadenplayzz преди 2 дни
''Grian'' who would win in a fight a pool of lava or a prickly boi ''Me'' a prickly boi :)
Mercedes McMunn
Mercedes McMunn преди 2 дни
Not pillager lol
Mercedes McMunn
Mercedes McMunn преди 2 дни
That’s a evoker
Matthew Finlayson
Matthew Finlayson преди 2 дни
Something else that doesn’t make sense in kinecraft is me 😁
Scarlett Head
Scarlett Head преди 2 дни
Tere is a goal to Minecraft beating the ender dragon
Roxy Sparkles with game videos
Roxy Sparkles with game videos преди 2 дни
Sorry Classified
Sorry Classified преди 2 дни
Do you know what literal means technically you’re using it correct but you’re very annoying
Francesco Pilia
Francesco Pilia преди 2 дни
The magma thing is because when you shift the player is being carefulbto stand on rock and not on lava
Valley9al преди 2 дни
Just throw the anvil insted of a feather
Andrei Superales
Andrei Superales преди 2 дни
When you not noob if a mlg water
str4wb3rriii muffin
str4wb3rriii muffin преди 2 дни
It's just a game 😑
°•Floral Pastel•°
°•Floral Pastel•° преди 2 дни
You forgot the one where the lanturn is hanging off gravel/sand. (Tell me, is the sand/gravel holding the lanturn, or is the lanturn holding the sand/gravel?)
Jeff Tong
Jeff Tong преди 2 дни
Anneline Brillo
Anneline Brillo преди 2 дни
If you riding in boat in bedrock minecraft and you fall you die
Michael Blach
Michael Blach преди 2 дни
Stepping on candles doesn’t Damage you
Michael Blach
Michael Blach преди 2 дни
Stepping on candles doesn’t hurt you
PhunnyPhatBoy преди 3 дни
the bottom of the flowerpot is seethrough but from the top it isn't
PhunnyPhatBoy преди 3 дни
9:47 it is just that the player is ultra obese
Tuppy Too
Tuppy Too преди 3 дни
Fun fact: the dog is holding you on a leash
Harry преди 3 дни
I think your score is based on your total xp accumulated ever.
Da Indexer
Da Indexer преди 3 дни
4:08 the score is how much ex had
Stephen Harding
Stephen Harding преди 3 дни
The score is the total accumulated xp since dieing last, xp spent and all
Puneet Kaur
Puneet Kaur преди 3 дни
That’s no there’s a meltdown and sunny
Jayden Cheong YiXuan
Jayden Cheong YiXuan преди 3 дни
it dnt make sense da you die in Minecraft you respons in real life you die you can,t respons Don make any sense at all whyyyy!!!!!! JusT why WHY im sosooooooooooooooooooooooooosoooooooooooooooooooo mad And ANGRY VERY VERY MAD AND ANGRY JUST WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡
bib theboulder
bib theboulder преди 3 дни
Evil person left tree standing.
G преди 3 дни
Magma Blocks not Hot Coals
Yanex Yanex
Yanex Yanex преди 3 дни
Grian, The wheat just says that were all fat and heavier than anvils (Im not bodyshaming im just stating)
William Nguyen
William Nguyen преди 3 дни
this doesnt make any sense put lava a a fire resitance mob its fine rigth? but put it in a lava filled coudren burn like wth how!
Peyton Campbell
Peyton Campbell преди 4 дни
The score has something to do with how much XP you collected. When you enchant, you don’t lose score (I don’t think)
N¡$A преди 4 дни
This video was exactly on my bday
VSSR - VR Socialist Soviet Republic
VSSR - VR Socialist Soviet Republic преди 4 дни
9:47 Remember that you are able to carry a maximum of several *million* tons if you load up shulker boxes with golden apples. So yeah, the player is often the heaviest thing around provided they have items.
Kelly Del Valle
Kelly Del Valle преди 4 дни
It doesn’t make sense that you can’t shoot an arrow through the holes of a fence or something like that.
An Trong
An Trong преди 4 дни
allen mubasen
allen mubasen преди 4 дни
Water can leave it the nerther by placing a cauldron in it that make hurt l lot and look ok so all of you have get born but if you feed cows with whet no sense it me shrink so much man
allen mubasen
allen mubasen преди 4 дни
Try it out
bruhboy89 преди 4 дни
all armor (except netherite) burn up instantly in fire and lava, but the moment you put it on it doesn't get touched
ShoutySocks преди 4 дни
The whole Minecraft is strange!
Deyasis Judah
Deyasis Judah преди 4 дни
Mojang should watch this!
DIYA_BG преди 4 дни
Taito Son
Taito Son преди 4 дни
Another thing that doesn’t make sense is sand on a lantern is the sand holding the lantern or the lantern is holding the sand block?
Joe Kalousa
Joe Kalousa преди 5 дни
The score is the xp
bastiaan van hulzen
bastiaan van hulzen преди 5 дни
Water doesnt have fall damage lava does have
VloggingAdam преди 5 дни
You can’t make chainmail armor with chains.
DammZml преди 4 дни
Bro your profile photo is creppy
alan chaplin
alan chaplin преди 5 дни
Cactus 🌵 grian
Joel Thang
Joel Thang преди 5 дни
you have a score because thats how much xp you got
EpicGhost29 преди 6 дни
Scrap off the layer of ur armor or tools that was enchanted
Karl Turner-howe
Karl Turner-howe преди 6 дни
Do another one these are cool and funny
Jacob Barela
Jacob Barela преди 6 дни
When you go to a mountain and you see it just has one block of stone and it has a whole another part of land floating how does that make sense oh and when you place a grass block right on top of you how come you don't see any roots
Kimmy Does Stuff
Kimmy Does Stuff преди 6 дни
1:01 that’s so you can hide the redstone.
Ryder Smith
Ryder Smith преди 6 дни
4:09 your score is how much exp you gained before you died
Tenya Iida
Tenya Iida преди 7 дни
My brain is broken-
Arceli Javison
Arceli Javison преди 7 дни
Skip did you see an xtra sub
greed преди 7 дни
how about the fact that if you set it to immediate respawn, its like you woke up from a fever dream when you die
Pasta Ted
Pasta Ted преди 7 дни
What happens to your 3 buckets when you bake a cake
Stillminator преди 7 дни
9:57 Because we walk carefully so we should click shift
Stillminator преди 7 дни
8:21 that mean you should drop you shouldn’t need to placed
Stillminator преди 7 дни
Glass couldn’t be use like pickaxe, it must add hammer to easily to break glass
Stillminator преди 7 дни
It make sense
C Hosking
C Hosking преди 7 дни
Grian: no goal Me: kill the ender dragon and the wither
captain Precious
captain Precious преди 7 дни
It's just a game so don't matter it they made it they put a lot there that's why they forgot it ok
Arjanjit Bawa
Arjanjit Bawa преди 7 дни
Minecraft 1.17 ok sawmills don’t do damage Minecraft 32.64 ok let’s finally make them do damage
Weitao Su
Weitao Su преди 8 дни
Grian: You can just float on water. Me: Sir... the water should even stay in the same place. it would just flow down and make a puddle. Also the thing about infinite water sources...
Coles Videos
Coles Videos преди 8 дни
Also it’s Minecraft what do you expect
Coles Videos
Coles Videos преди 8 дни
You know Minecraft and real life are not the same
Truth_is_the _new_hate
Truth_is_the _new_hate преди 8 дни
Another thing that doesn't make sense. You can't jump over a fence but if you add a carpet on top (which adds height) you can jump over it. What sense does that make?
Worldbox Matt
Worldbox Matt преди 8 дни
So the feather is heavier than an anvil?
rhizor R
rhizor R преди 8 дни
1:12 - Illegal Minecraft redstones be like:
William Ehrhardt
William Ehrhardt преди 9 дни
Here's some more logic that doesn't make sense So when you go into the Nether portal, you literally have to wait in order to get to your destination. When you go through the end portal, you literally automatically teleport. Even when you fall through the Nether portal, it still doesn't work the same way the end portal does 🤯 Lastly, when you place down a lamp or torch, it gives off light. But when you're holding it in your hand, it doesn't give off light! 🤯
Karshen McClusky
Karshen McClusky преди 9 дни
One prickly boy
Karshen McClusky
Karshen McClusky преди 9 дни
CHUAN MIN RUI Moe преди 9 дни
I think the score is the amount of XP orbs you collect it doesn't mean u have 843 levels
Andrea Yates
Andrea Yates преди 9 дни
Yes if you want your name to bee rage you can’t change your name in minecraft does not make sense
Terrence Tv
Terrence Tv преди 10 дни
Red sand and concrete powder also falls
Mark Jacob Marcos
Mark Jacob Marcos преди 10 дни
The thing that doesn make sense is blocks dont fall
Lf44 _
Lf44 _ преди 10 дни
The score number is the number of xp points you obtained between deaths even if you spend them all the xp points obtained make the score
Mudkip Lover
Mudkip Lover преди 11 дни
Wow! the game with things like creepers and floating trees is unrealistic???????????
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