Hermitcraft 8: Episode 6 - TRADING UP!

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Hermitcraft 8: Episode 6 - TRADING UP! Grian has done a lot of work on hermitcraft and will show you how to trade 2 pumpkins into a beacons worth of emerald blocks in seconds. it's OP!

Mike DeGroot
Mike DeGroot преди 2 часа
I think the egg will be taken fast. Because of the watches.
aibfsfs aibfsfs
aibfsfs aibfsfs преди 4 часа
the economy is dead now
Henry Wilson
Henry Wilson преди 6 часа
the hermits are great builders
Hockey Player
Hockey Player преди 6 часа
maybe make the train going up and around the mountain? but that would seem insanely hard
Jack Phelps
Jack Phelps преди 7 часа
thangs are going eggstrmly well
InsaneFanta преди 8 часа
It says "SIGNED" on the book treaty
Sahil Joshi
Sahil Joshi преди 10 часа
FINALLY, grian actually tries to steal back the tag(or egg).
Aadil Bava
Aadil Bava преди 12 часа
1:10 3rd life reference which was a GotG reference
Flinto преди 12 часа
grian:im gonna bdubs style this xizomvid:am i a joke to you
Nikunj MATHUR преди 12 часа
Asdfmovie 14- Egg, hey stop turning people int-, egg Grian- Tegg, Hey stop turning eggs int-, Tegg
Jahzeely Sandin
Jahzeely Sandin преди 13 часа
Cliff in a cave ;)
Finley Cj
Finley Cj преди 14 часа
SuperYellowNeon преди 18 часа
Grian’s hiding spot is too perfect
M pro
M pro преди 20 часа
pls heart and reply i love u just to make me know that u saw this
Emily Jardine
Emily Jardine преди ден
I just noticed that on the peace Tree-ty it says “SINGED” instead of SIGNED
Anas Vali
Anas Vali преди ден
Did anyone notice the fact that in the peace TREEty book, instead of signed, it was SINGED?!?!
Void Champion
Void Champion преди ден
is it just me or was the audio kinda glitchy that whole time
Peter Chen
Peter Chen преди ден
I think you should make a Sans statue because of all the puns. You know. From Undertale.
Will'O'Wisp преди ден
Grian is a demon he already found a loophole😨
SwordFish 65
SwordFish 65 преди 2 дни
Great video! 👍
Gemini Wolf
Gemini Wolf преди 2 дни
Practically tortures himself for our entertainment tortures as Minecraft
Iago Crespo Ponte
Iago Crespo Ponte преди 3 дни
Just stonks
Ichiban Crafter
Ichiban Crafter преди 3 дни
12:12 When a Hermit. says they "haven't actually don't much farming"
Ghostfox преди 3 дни
2:50 The-Goatem-Pole-Hole
Un Stephable
Un Stephable преди 3 дни
KillerShark преди 3 дни
He missed out on the it’s not much but it’s honest work 10:02
TheAlmightyMoist преди 3 дни
Cupcakewildz преди 3 дни
The intro tho🤣🥲 1:14 very important work
Shoz Lorini
Shoz Lorini преди 3 дни
Green beacon or Grian beacon?
SNARS Games преди 3 дни
Nani grian is organised
Soul преди 4 дни
Grian: Sorry jolene didnt mean to disturb you there Grian: walks over her
Kotlc fangirl
Kotlc fangirl преди 4 дни
20:10 yes, it is quite a punny season!
Peachy Doodles
Peachy Doodles преди 4 дни
2 pumkins into a emerald beacon me: oh god
Vanessa Scherer
Vanessa Scherer преди 4 дни
Grian's Next job: Magician... Now kids we will being turning these two pumpkins into a full emerald beacon!
Hqppy Mushroom
Hqppy Mushroom преди 4 дни
How did he have 11 lvls
David Hultermans
David Hultermans преди 4 дни
was i the only one who noticed the upsidedown bees at gemeni her base
Mila Mangundap
Mila Mangundap преди 4 дни
Gemini tay
SukiTheCookie преди 5 дни
Your signature looks like WingDings
Bhakty wahyudy
Bhakty wahyudy преди 5 дни
When Lukethenotable sees those emeralds That was easy
Dominic Robinson
Dominic Robinson преди 5 дни
Minecraft needs a steam punk update change my mind
ConnorK преди 6 дни
Anybody who watched Lazarbeams minecraft series will recognize the emerald beacon
Prismo The Butler
Prismo The Butler преди 6 дни
It sure is an intreesting and eggstraordinary season of hermitcraft
JexAdox преди 6 дни
oh cuuuute the cat!
Lainey Bales
Lainey Bales преди 6 дни
meowy my beloved :))))))))))))
Tobias Hewel
Tobias Hewel преди 6 дни
Grian: "I won't make a MEGA base" Also Grian: literally makes the door a thousand blocks tall
Mylksiie преди 6 дни
Marvel ref?: “I’m Mary Poppins y’all!”
M. Mesut Kemal Pasha
M. Mesut Kemal Pasha преди 6 дни
5:00 so cute
Will Andrews
Will Andrews преди 7 дни
£500 says the egg isnt actually on the back of the bigger egg
Nano Aura
Nano Aura преди 7 дни
How do you get 1 for 1 on the glass pane trade? All my guys won't go lower than 4 panes for 1 emerald
Aj преди 5 дни
Lucas McCall
Lucas McCall преди 7 дни
And now it’s got a tong
Captain PiPi
Captain PiPi преди 7 дни
the tree monster is like UWU
nafumi CODM
nafumi CODM преди 7 дни
what theres no goodbye in this ep?
bib theboulder
bib theboulder преди 7 дни
14:09 you should become a pharmacist! 😂
Emmy Nguyen
Emmy Nguyen преди 7 дни
That horse flying thing is silly
William преди 7 дни
I have know idea why so many buns OMG!i
Alex Schweitzer
Alex Schweitzer преди 7 дни
thats a big entrance
Cossicrots 42
Cossicrots 42 преди 7 дни
Grian: "I'm going to show you how broken villagers are" Me: Cries in bedrock
Gabe F.
Gabe F. преди 8 дни
Fun fact: the villagers could be even *more* efficient if Grian trades bookshelves, breaks them, them sells them back, using only librarians
Robi Tron
Robi Tron преди 8 дни
What an EGGciting episode!
Naveen Vellaturi
Naveen Vellaturi преди 8 дни
17:26 "Sorry Jolene, didn't mean to disturb you there" *proceeds to walk over Jolene*
Kyle Pirigyi
Kyle Pirigyi преди 8 дни
The punishment is almost to much to bare.
Mobile_Bot преди 8 дни
Bl423 Master
Bl423 Master преди 8 дни
5:00 best part of the vid
pakalu papito
pakalu papito преди 8 дни
I interrupt this clip... :( To show you where Maui is Everyone: it is... ...acceptable
Maya Ober
Maya Ober преди 9 дни
I feel like treesa is a reincarnation of grumbot
Professor Chickon's lab
Professor Chickon's lab преди 9 дни
whats the plug in that makes mobs drop there head
Mr. Exist
Mr. Exist преди 9 дни
This has been one of the best trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever
Joe Bama
Joe Bama преди 9 дни
Mumbo 'kills alot' Jumbo!🤣😂
Spottyrules преди 9 дни
Other people: This is one of those big deals Grian: This is one of those deals that are slightly larger than small deals…
Dr. Gamer
Dr. Gamer преди 9 дни
5:36 just for me
snowgam3r преди 9 дни
Very much not like on bedrock edition because on bedrock edition horses take no fall damage while riding
KTR1218 преди 9 дни
HermitCraft Eggt: The pun begins!
bruhmoment169 wall
bruhmoment169 wall преди 10 дни
Dad jokes galore 😂
Grace Roloff
Grace Roloff преди 10 дни
1FakePlayer1 Aka D
1FakePlayer1 Aka D преди 10 дни
Main ingredient:2 Pumpkin Side Ingredient:-Tons of golden apple -Tons Of weakness Potion -A Zombie
The Delta Play
The Delta Play преди 10 дни
The truce, more like the *spruce*
Sebastian Švec
Sebastian Švec преди 10 дни
12:38 Mumbo: it's just for symmetree
HQDEVR преди 10 дни
I miss s7 🙏
carter cross
carter cross преди 10 дни
You could have used librarians and sold books and bought bookshelves
Dagmar Tanck
Dagmar Tanck преди 10 дни
Grian in s7: I'mma build a mansion! **never really finishes the back** Grian in s8: I'mma build a mountain! Me: hmm...
järëđ _plàys
järëđ _plàys преди 10 дни
He put the egg on the big egg but after he record the vidoe he put the egg some where else
AirzCoolz преди 10 дни
Cool Bros
Cool Bros преди 11 дни
I mean hermit craft
Cool Bros
Cool Bros преди 11 дни
Grian since there is a lot of puns in hermit raft here is a pun grian your a fun gi
kaigo hawks
kaigo hawks преди 11 дни
Kevin Brookens
Kevin Brookens преди 11 дни
Did anyone notice at 9:38 that someone put The Scream painting by Edvard Munch into the side of the mountain?!?
TheOnlyBuddyLee преди 11 дни
youre going to be pulling of a slack lizzard lol
Andrew Schumacher
Andrew Schumacher преди 11 дни
the amount of xp he was gathering from all the trading was INSANE
Mathugh's Youtube World
Mathugh's Youtube World преди 11 дни
Skar has the best tegg score of 69
MidnightWolf преди 11 дни
Aaa Maui is so cute x3
rat bum
rat bum преди 11 дни
wait wouldn’t they just watch your video on where the egg is?
Amanda Benninger
Amanda Benninger преди 11 дни
Debbie Olutunfese
Debbie Olutunfese преди 11 дни
Brian grinded hours for 6 wither skulls techno blade be like “Bruhhh”
Tammys Kids
Tammys Kids преди 11 дни
Gems specialty is is decorations so you're always going to have a hard time looking for something in her bases
animeH God
animeH God преди 11 дни
Griann why dont you just put a fence gate on the villagers face so that a baby zombie cant kill it
The Red Robloxian
The Red Robloxian преди 11 дни
nice score scar 16:18
Chexmix6 преди 11 дни
Them: "Let's hope and pray no one disturbs it" Us: "Let's hope and pray someone disturbs it"
Shivaji Narkhede
Shivaji Narkhede преди 11 дни
10:13 if that is not what you call mega than grian is 10 years old
Melendez Carl Myton
Melendez Carl Myton преди 11 дни
Sure does the start of season 8 have a lot of "Pun"ches to buttons, blocks, and villagers.
MrFromPakistan преди 11 дни
Get netheride already
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