Hermitcraft 8: Episode 2 - GRIAN'S STARTER BASE!

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Hermitcraft 8: Episode 2 - GRIAN'S STARTER BASE grian makes his starter base on hermitcraft using the new 1.17 minecraft blocks with a fancy observatory on the top!

Ruby Ruby
Ruby Ruby преди 55 минути
Wheres the shopping district?
ً преди 5 часа
mm yes 'starter base'
•Gacha_ Cosplay•
•Gacha_ Cosplay• преди 7 часа
future shop idea: grians from building, you just build the front of peoples homes-
kentoku D
kentoku D преди 10 часа
I have a name for the boatem pole with bees in it, behold the bumble boatem!
Daniel Bartlett
Daniel Bartlett преди 13 часа
I do you think my channel is good yeah she
Catharine Delaney
Catharine Delaney преди ден
Grain- you do realise mumbo could just replace some blocks with dirt-
Gabriel Yczaak
Gabriel Yczaak преди ден
Just an idea. Since you are building in a cave area and you are hobbit back in hermitcraft 7, you should do a dwarven theme base like the halls of moria or the lonely mountain
James Barritt
James Barritt преди 2 дни
i should be doing school but im watching hermitcraft -_-
TuxedoEgg преди 2 дни
I’m just starting to watch this hermitcraft
Martin Crépin
Martin Crépin преди 2 дни
I love when grian is a bully
narjis askari
narjis askari преди 2 дни
Is it just me or are their starter base is better then my main build
Kruen P
Kruen P преди 2 дни
Grian: makes a build Everyone: AYYYY let us see the back.
Casey Robinson
Casey Robinson преди 3 дни
Iavra преди 3 дни
The season 9 megabase will just consist of a bunch of cardboard stands, so there are no backs that need to be finished.
Eun Jo Chung
Eun Jo Chung преди 3 дни
It's the battle of atreetion over here
Devin Bean
Devin Bean преди 4 дни
Where does he get the timelapse music?
Lynzo преди 4 дни
0:39 oh look it's the "hot-dog" van from l'manberg
Butler преди 4 дни
They do know that they can use Moss to break Bedrock right?
Noobynoob123 преди 3 дни
Ribbitto преди 4 дни
27:22 THE G WAGON!!!
꧁ℂ𝕒𝙻𝚒Ⓒø꧂ ☕︎︎
꧁ℂ𝕒𝙻𝚒Ⓒø꧂ ☕︎︎ преди 4 дни
21:23 *Scar has made a certain shape in the copper lol*
MarioMillionPlays преди 5 дни
What about an SUV lol
Francis Le
Francis Le преди 5 дни
potato boy Pb for short peanut butter
archietobincoldwell_ преди 5 дни
Love these vids
Ife Adebowale
Ife Adebowale преди 5 дни
The spyglass on grians base looks like the hunger games arrow
Esvar преди 5 дни
Hey Grian, can you do a tutorial for your starter base?
Navraj Bhathal
Navraj Bhathal преди 6 дни
“My eyes are gone!” 22:46
Luke Alt
Luke Alt преди 6 дни
I miss the barge
Anna Tsiriotakis
Anna Tsiriotakis преди 6 дни
Grian should make the telescope thing a sword 🗡 stabbing the house
Harikrishnan TM
Harikrishnan TM преди 6 дни
Phoebe buffay once said 22:48
Knight of the Grey
Knight of the Grey преди 7 дни
Scar’s house is the way that the wood in the houses doesn’t catch on fire
Geriel Carbajal
Geriel Carbajal преди 7 дни
I was the man in the potato costume
Extreme Hotdog
Extreme Hotdog преди 7 дни
Call the candle shop “John’s Wick”
Spud_Boy_Rules YT
Spud_Boy_Rules YT преди 7 дни
Just a normal starter base
Dadood преди 7 дни
"Its so badass when someone walks away from something they destroyed!" 24:54
AidanLennon преди 7 дни
the differences between hermitcraft and dream smp are uncountable
dondon enoria
dondon enoria преди 8 дни
5:10 how grians scamming us be lyk😂😂😂
Jacob Clader
Jacob Clader преди 8 дни
there day 1 is my whole year in minecraft
TechnoReaper -
TechnoReaper - преди 8 дни
7:40 Favorite moment: Grian: DO. NOT. TOUCH. *Zooms In On Scar's Face*
William преди 8 дни
Fans :ugh not again unfinished base Grian: no it is not going to be like the mansion Funniest line of hermitcraft season 8 (till now)
Classically bad literature
Classically bad literature преди 8 дни
That telescope looks like the symbol for slannesh
Pagal Paplu
Pagal Paplu преди 8 дни
On wayyyyy higher price than he potato he bought
Pagal Paplu
Pagal Paplu преди 8 дни
He can ask potato man for cheap raw potatoes and sell them to villagers and get emeralds and get sell meanding meanding books
JM Spriggs
JM Spriggs преди 9 дни
You could always just sell The mending books for 30 emeralds and then you're able to buy mending books and just keep this stop going and then eventually start charging diamonds once you have a full setup
Nathan Nguyen
Nathan Nguyen преди 9 дни
The Grain. Last season . bread grian:grain
Sunny Skies
Sunny Skies преди 9 дни
We all thought of the mansion even before he showed us the back.
haltofan преди 9 дни
make the floor around the house moss blocks so mumbo can't plant trees and the ground will still look like grass!! (and you can just bone meal the moss so it spreads! :) )
Euda1moniaa преди 9 дни
I was about to say Grian, is this another mansion we don’t finish the back build? But the build is so creative!
Mia Rose
Mia Rose преди 9 дни
Grian: "I didn't have time to finish the back." Me: here we go again
Jessi RaRaRa
Jessi RaRaRa преди 10 дни
So on the topic of potato man.... hear me out Grian... hear me out..... You enter into a partnership with potato man..... and also make.... chicken vending machines.... *flys away into the pixelated sunset*
[DMG]LolMasterplays преди 10 дни
Grain train, has a nice ring to it
oliver fegel
oliver fegel преди 10 дни
Calling it, someone is gonna die and lose everything to the boatem hole.
oliver fegel
oliver fegel преди 10 дни
10:40 lol sword name
The_Talkin_Peach преди 10 дни
I think it'd be really cool if Minecraft added glass doors, same recipe as normal doors but with glass instead of wood
SharkHero10 преди 10 дни
I like the @mathis stick out ting it looks kinda like a rune
timothy zikos
timothy zikos преди 11 дни
12:18 anyone else see that x-ray?
Emily D
Emily D преди 11 дни
Mumbos is a mini van 😂😂
Djordje Ivanic
Djordje Ivanic преди 11 дни
17:21 Horse in the back's like "Huh?wot's that bruh"
Rat man
Rat man преди 11 дни
i dont know if any of you saw but on the 2nd touch in Grians house scar was helping
Momo Girl 지루한
Momo Girl 지루한 преди 11 дни
5:31 // Mansion 2:electric boogalo edit: mumbo can possibly plant azelea trees instead
Llewellyn Duck
Llewellyn Duck преди 11 дни
The Beyotem. I'll turn that into a fakemon, trust me! Infact! A Fakemon Region based on this island! Each base a gym or story important town and a bunch of fakemon and WEEEEEEEEEE
Mohammad Faaiz
Mohammad Faaiz преди 11 дни
5:11 Welp, the back of the Mansion is back!
Mental home
Mental home преди 12 дни
Grian: *walks inside to reveal he didn’t do the back Everyone:*face palms* Grian:”it won’t be like the mansion!”
liaminfintegaming -minecraft
liaminfintegaming -minecraft преди 12 дни
does any one remember grians shipwreck in a bottle in season 6
Matthew Kolo
Matthew Kolo преди 12 дни
Episode 1 get full diamond ep 2 kill the dragon and beat the game.
Alec Bush
Alec Bush преди 12 дни
Mini mansion?
Albi Alexander
Albi Alexander преди 12 дни
Who else is watching this after ‘THE G-TRAIN’ episode is out
Brady Miller
Brady Miller преди 12 дни
you harvesting the crops was soooo satisfing
LikelyLyrical преди 12 дни
why Pearlescent got an Only Fans cape lmaooo
Mr Snuggies
Mr Snuggies преди 12 дни
I love the music (thanks Jono)
Dragon slayer
Dragon slayer преди 12 дни
Turn the villagers into zombie villagers and turn them back
Mohammed mamuji
Mohammed mamuji преди 12 дни
In the first time lapse the llama near scar's base is vibing
Mistdragon7yt преди 12 дни
The bee is in the boat!!!!!!!
Rafaella преди 12 дни
"i was going for a telescope but it looks like a canon" me: wait it isnt a sword :o
Sketch World
Sketch World преди 12 дни
sirpenby преди 12 дни
grian: the be-bee- the bee-otem? *trying desperately not to say “beat em”*
ImThat Guy
ImThat Guy преди 12 дни
Grians "starter base" looks better than my actual base :(
De Branman
De Branman преди 12 дни
The Lamas having a dance party 4:04
Vaishnavi Suryawanshi
Vaishnavi Suryawanshi преди 12 дни
The boaeetem pole
Hehe Haha
Hehe Haha преди 12 дни
I’m sorry what??? “Welcome back”
Cthulhu преди 13 дни
So technically, he has a treehouse
H4ckerboii преди 13 дни
And I've got some early game stuff mending books
Scarlet Greer
Scarlet Greer преди 13 дни
Do a mending book vending machine called the mending machine
Riley Logan
Riley Logan преди 13 дни
lmao why is grian immune to the boatem hole
Rhys Nicholls
Rhys Nicholls преди 13 дни
Caleb Torres
Caleb Torres преди 13 дни
maxx doodles should join hermitcraft 9 copy and paste this to make this happen!!!
Stuart Cole
Stuart Cole преди 13 дни
Grian why have you built bdubs base with an animae sword on the top
Raiden From Twitch
Raiden From Twitch преди 13 дни
Familiar gradient...
Markus Norstrøm
Markus Norstrøm преди 13 дни
17:12 Voldemort with a mustache
UwU The Potato
UwU The Potato преди 13 дни
Joshua Rodriguez
Joshua Rodriguez преди 13 дни
The man went to water and then WHEELS
Matt Menchen
Matt Menchen преди 14 дни
He needs to make a plane wreck similar to the shipwreck
Finnley Antrican
Finnley Antrican преди 14 дни
you are the best Minecraft youtuber in the world!
Nuttyknight 42
Nuttyknight 42 преди 14 дни
I've been trying to watch all you guys' video.
StaticDrops819 преди 14 дни
I thought of a specific song when scar jumped down
Duncan Breivik
Duncan Breivik преди 14 дни
Grian you evil Hermit
Elite Ace
Elite Ace преди 14 дни
Lol one day you finna ask out pearl and ima call it before hand
TheOneAndOnly anabaptist
TheOneAndOnly anabaptist преди 15 дни
did anyone else notice the dancing llama in the time lapse xD
Rusher преди 15 дни
16:47 the llama just spinning
Kinetic_Gamez преди 15 дни
dat looks like the friggin akkala tech lab from tlozbotw!
Holly Domm
Holly Domm преди 15 дни
I want more American accent Grian...
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