Hermitcraft 7: Episode 75 - BIG BARGE SWEEP!

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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 75 - BIG BARGE SWEEP!
Grian is back on hermitcraft finishing the project that has taken a really long time.

Zoey Canerday
Zoey Canerday преди 5 часа
how do you think grian felt when the hcbbs was only open for 2 episodes
Samay Ghosh
Samay Ghosh преди 10 дни
"Aha, professor pearlypoo pa pa pa pa" I'm can't help but watch that clip non stop😂😂😂
phoenix 219
phoenix 219 преди 10 дни
My man is thanking us for enjoying an amazing vid tha he made now that is true gratitude
mocashi преди 11 дни
Song name 20:00?
Angelita Becerra
Angelita Becerra преди 14 дни
Impulse outdid himself with that redstone work
Savage Shenron
Savage Shenron преди 14 дни
Namita Gupta
Namita Gupta преди 17 дни
I just re-watched this video and realised the auction ended on 24th of March and the video was posted on 24th of April lol
Garrett Hughes
Garrett Hughes преди 19 дни
Efthimis Prinarakis
Efthimis Prinarakis преди 21 ден
Living legend to include some season six stuff
DaFlyingSquid преди 25 дни
19:24 For Anyone Who Wants it
Tyler O
Tyler O преди 27 дни
Grian should have added a mini grumbot in the barge sweep
Rowan & Wilder
Rowan & Wilder преди месец
I’ve gone a bit peculiar... Haaa. Afasa. Bababa. Pubapooypoo. This took a while to write because of auto correct. :)
MadMusic Animations
MadMusic Animations преди месец
Grian: “I just wanted to put in a few throwbacks for people who have been watching for a long time!” Me who’s binge-watched the entire series in a week: *heavy breathing*
Emily Morgan
Emily Morgan преди месец
I didn't watch season six but the episodes keep popping up
Andres Luis Jugo
Andres Luis Jugo преди месец
Torriin преди месец
21:54 Look at Grian’s hot bar. Where did he get the rails? Is there a feature in Minecraft that I’ve never known about?
Zhen преди месец
@Ol Lochy yeah lol
Ol Lochy
Ol Lochy преди месец
If you click the middle button on the mouse it adds the item you are pointing to into your hot bar as long as you have the item in your inventory
Cameron Eriksen
Cameron Eriksen преди месец
Grian, your the most wholesome person you got saprisd when you ask for subscriptions lol.
Subhasish Ghosh
Subhasish Ghosh преди месец
Sarah Ladner
Sarah Ladner преди месец
Grian; Ah! Proffesor papah! hahahahah! *puts cat on face*
DragonslayerXD преди месец
not sure what this is worth from a random commenter that hasnt touched minecraft in years but i actually found you channel because someone showed me third life. It was also a fun way to see what the other hermits were like seing you storyline and how it connects to the other ones so you watch the other hermits to see there version which introduces you to more of the story. before i found it i never watched minecraft videos and now ive binged 2 hermits hermitcraft series (a number that will soon go up). you make really good stuff and honestly i hope to see other things like third life in the future
over 9061
over 9061 преди месец
HBoys преди месец
In season 7.
Chocolate Cutecake
Chocolate Cutecake преди месец
Wait so your saying I've been watching 3 years of work in a couple of months inclueding Season 6!
cooki преди месец
Sell the doors
AnimeWiz преди месец
I think this whole ride is a throwback to Last season of hermitcraft's rollercoaster that Grian made for Iskall
Piece Control kyle
Piece Control kyle преди месец
Aha professor polly-blue ba ba ba ba
Jose Ferreira
Jose Ferreira преди месец
Theta Maximum
Theta Maximum преди месец
What was the music he used during he hcbbs timelapse? It sounded lit af
GamingSp0nge преди месец
The wandering trader became an executioner
Ben Hillier
Ben Hillier преди месец
Seeing these awesome projects makes me so sad that the season ended only a few episodes later. Can’t wait for season 8 though!
Fuzzy Studios
Fuzzy Studios преди месец
*sobbing* I’m old now
Nestoons преди месец
When Grian said he’s been doing Hermitcraft for 3 years it really messed with my brain, but the math checks out
Li Saiping
Li Saiping преди месец
Who is watching wile eating ice cream
Not A Stan
Not A Stan преди месец
21:54 what happened?
Kasaen преди месец
Anyone notice the lectern at the beginning in the hallway when you are about to enter the Hobbs? Maybe to get to a secret way?
jake b
jake b преди месец
thanks for the trip down memory lane
jake b
jake b преди месец
im a bit late
momo rama
momo rama преди месец
If he liked the extra voice in the room, wait till he experiment with ASMR ear doctor
theshaddii преди месец
You are currently my other voice in the room Grian :D
Tasha Toro
Tasha Toro преди месец
He never did a poltery man cameo
Admirable Thistle
Admirable Thistle преди месец
The "let's talk about my new series" is funny when you found Grian through Third Life rather than Third Life through Grian
Maximus Mills
Maximus Mills преди месец
5:00 Grian = Hermione Granger?
derpington derp
derpington derp преди месец
"I've been doing hermitcraft for three years now" me who's watched since episode 9 season 6: ow my hip.
John Smith
John Smith преди месец
Time Traveler: Steps on ant. The timeline: 4:17
Roxy Kat Gaming
Roxy Kat Gaming преди месец
GUYS GUYS GUYS IN Dog Man for whom the ball rolls there is a book called 'Flippy 2 electric boogaloo"
Henry Boucher
Henry Boucher преди месец
3rd life was AMAZING
Theresa Shelton
Theresa Shelton преди месец
Kristián Maas
Kristián Maas преди месец
I still dont know what "text grian 500-500" someone explain please
The Glitched Gamer
The Glitched Gamer преди месец
man, the throwbacks to season 6 really hit me hard
Whisper_ преди месец
grian and impulse collabs are brilliant
Oliver Thorson
Oliver Thorson преди месец
what is the music pls
Alex Altamirano
Alex Altamirano преди месец
The barge experience is horrible
A Singular Pea
A Singular Pea преди месец
HighlighterJelly преди месец
5:52 this brings me so much joy
Slenderxlt преди 2 месеца
people: cuddle with their cats grian: aha professor pearly poo!
James Peterson
James Peterson преди 2 месеца
I'm watching this 4 days after the server ended
wonderfulfam преди 2 месеца
5:52 that is cute
1. Kirana
1. Kirana преди 2 месеца
Grian: Thanks for watching 3rd life! *Spoilers* Me, who is already far into the season and anxiously watching the war: yeah ur welcome 😀
Box Bo
Box Bo преди 2 месеца
Hermit craft is clam capitalism with the occasional war or disrupted political structure and 3rd life is gorilla warfare. Very different vibes but both SO FUN
SkitzOhNo преди 2 месеца
you should make Sahara in the H C B B S
Megamind преди 2 месеца
What pc do you use?
A Million Hobbies
A Million Hobbies преди 2 месеца
Grian is awesome He acknowledged that there was bad language in a book 👌 ❤
Clement Spencer
Clement Spencer преди 2 месеца
I’ve found 2 wandering traders in my base on y coordinate 6
Arjun Mewar
Arjun Mewar преди 2 месеца
Lucy Douglas
Lucy Douglas преди 2 месеца
I really like your cat :)
Mary Schofield
Mary Schofield преди 2 месеца
Haha, professor pauli poo! Bah nabra
Pancat преди 2 месеца
“Hermit craft will not be disrupted” Hermit craft ends Me:......?
Quaid Michael
Quaid Michael преди 2 месеца
i saw the book secret
Alex Livsey
Alex Livsey преди 2 месеца
over three years- im sorry what, it feels like just yesterday you joined hermitcraft
BigOrange Gaming99
BigOrange Gaming99 преди 2 месеца
Jan Smith
Jan Smith преди 2 месеца
"They just vanished. WEIRD!" Grian 2021
Tussal Break
Tussal Break преди 2 месеца
why did you call it hep it HYIIIP
Kaiser Wilhelm
Kaiser Wilhelm преди 2 месеца
Although it seems to be ineffective I'll keep disliking for the audible sponsorship
Politoed преди 2 месеца
why do you hate the fact that grian is making money?
Bob TheRobot
Bob TheRobot преди 2 месеца
Grian:You could have just made the song shorter
Kaspar Zubarev
Kaspar Zubarev преди 2 месеца
I came from the 3rd life series and watched this season up until this episode🤕
rollerbearings01 преди 2 месеца
do you think you could put the song used in the music disc into the description? with credit obviously
Peachy Doodles
Peachy Doodles преди 2 месеца
love audible, love your third life vids, am subscibed, have fun don't stress.
Adelle Croft
Adelle Croft преди 2 месеца
Am I the only one who thought renbobs van was the one from the dsmp
Patricia Poynter
Patricia Poynter преди 2 месеца
Wait a minute HCBBS hermit craft big barge sweep HCBBS hermit craft big Bass swap HCBBS HCBBS when does it end
ACzaff преди 2 месеца
I never thought I’d see that RV ever again
Etheldreis преди 2 месеца
since when did grian start saying "bliamy" (or however you spell it i live in new jersey ok???) also G, we all have your back, if you feel like you need a break, don't hesitate to take one. the last thing we would want is for you to feel stressed because of hermitcraft, i love all your videos
Bianca Odom
Bianca Odom преди 2 месеца
that ride should be an insperation for disney
Black Wolf Boi
Black Wolf Boi преди 2 месеца
No one:- Grian:- YoU cAn JUmP bACkwaRds!!
Jay Dev
Jay Dev преди 2 месеца
5:52 Amazing.
Avram Josef Dumale
Avram Josef Dumale преди 2 месеца
11:30 for us but for you when you did win it all except for 1 you are NOT happy
Daniyal Patel
Daniyal Patel преди 2 месеца
The blender is back
Atreyu’s Gaming Channel
Atreyu’s Gaming Channel преди 2 месеца
some one did the same song of your raid.
IW0NTHEGAME преди 2 месеца
The Martian was the first audiobook I listened to and it is still easily my favorite audiobook.
Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper преди 2 месеца
the old mycillium resistance base got unearthed in the timelapse
Asher преди 2 месеца
“We’re getting pretty hcbbs heavy on this episode” I once watched a streamer move sand around for three days. Hours at a time. I watched a streamer for hours at a time, spent a solid month building a mansion. I do not mind watching more of the hcbbs
Quentin Dehart
Quentin Dehart преди 2 месеца
You’ve been doing hermit craft for 3 years?! I’ve been here the whole time since you would do build swap and build battles. I remember the first time you did hermitcraft, can’t believe it’s been three years!
Out Played
Out Played преди 2 месеца
What is grain real name?
Dead Cat
Dead Cat преди 2 месеца
Long time since I have seen your face grian! Good to see you again. Love your work btw
mohammed redouan
mohammed redouan преди 2 месеца
Come on why you making mumbo sad why
Emma Wilkinson
Emma Wilkinson преди 2 месеца
“look how majestic-“ *falls* I FELT THAT
JurayLikesJava преди 2 месеца
3rd life is something to keep up with from the start easily
AnnoyedCreeper33 преди 2 месеца
Funnily enough, I've had that happen with wandering traders quite often in my worlds. So, it's not very bizarre to me. Sorry, Grian!
Ankhayra TV
Ankhayra TV преди 2 месеца
Oh my, you took a month to make this episode !?
Glitch преди 2 месеца
Nova Escalibur
Nova Escalibur преди 2 месеца
What's the song name from 19:40 to 21:30 ?
Creeper Cat
Creeper Cat преди 2 месеца
Idk I’m looking for it too
David Holland
David Holland преди 2 месеца
0:48 It's testificate man!
MEB 1997
MEB 1997 преди 2 месеца
Honestly the song isn't too long, the ride is just a bit too fast. Some of the power rails need to be removed to slow down the cart in certain areas, like the signs before the danger zone can't even be read because of the speed of the cart there.
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