How to Build MEGA BASES in Minecraft

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Nvidia-powered laptop line:
[This is part 1 of 2]
This video is sponsored by Nvidia.

Grian is working with PearlescentMoon to teach you how to make MEGA builds in minecraft. There are many ways to make one, but if you are thinking about making a big minecraft base, this tutorial will give you step by step instructions on how to undertake such a huge project - or you can just watch us make one!

Mr Mediocre
Mr Mediocre преди 14 часа
Me: Decides to make a mega base /fill: *allow me to introduce myself*
Nesya D Prichard
Nesya D Prichard преди ден
The best Minecraft teacher ever
N3CRO HUNT3R преди ден
Is noone talking about how the castle looks like Anor Londo from dark souls?
Harry Verrells
Harry Verrells преди ден
i cant be patient
Harry Verrells
Harry Verrells преди ден
time noooooooooooooooooooooo!
Harry Verrells
Harry Verrells преди ден
grian likes food digestablem food
Sunshim 12
Sunshim 12 преди ден
And most important of all, leave the back to the end
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores преди 2 дни
Instructions unclear: Got repeater stuck in subtraction mode.
O Y F U M преди 2 дни
“Aight, imma build a mega base.” “Dang, where tf did my motivation go?”
Anastasescu Alex
Anastasescu Alex преди 2 дни
What mod is he using?
Jacob Hafar
Jacob Hafar преди 3 дни
giant dirt block tutorial when
Xx_sumogus _xX
Xx_sumogus _xX преди 5 дни
Im creating a megabase only to put my horse juan on a balcony lol
JoshuaBuildster преди 5 дни
I really want to make a couch/armchair
Helena Colova
Helena Colova преди 6 дни
Wait he actually finished the back??
Roo Turtle
Roo Turtle преди 7 дни
i have been to the castle that you got inspiration from. the place looks cool but its kinda boring on the inside
Sh!t Clips
Sh!t Clips преди 8 дни
I saw a sand castle and got a good idea and now have started a mega base
Nikolav преди 8 дни
kinda looks like Omashu from Avatar the Last Airbender
Khanh Ha
Khanh Ha преди 8 дни
Grian: And here we've got Pearl, who is a...chicken. Me: Poultry man, you have found a companion.
Levi Taylor
Levi Taylor преди 8 дни
you can get ray-tracing in java but you need shaders.
xFqrtpvpz преди 9 дни
that is what the mountains should look like in the new caves and cliffs update
Dead StarK-OD
Dead StarK-OD преди 9 дни
Khaster преди 9 дни
Question... just what exactly are the commands used in making the island?
WookieChef преди 11 дни
He used wul for the wul.
Ben Cody-Osborne
Ben Cody-Osborne преди 12 дни
How did they retexture the island
Elijah Berg
Elijah Berg преди 13 дни
Looks like the disney castle
Juan Baldes
Juan Baldes преди 13 дни
PearlescentMoon as Poultry Woman!
captain dammend
captain dammend преди 14 дни
How Do you retexture the build becuase the mountin went from blue to green to green and grey really quick
DryVFX преди 14 дни
raheem humphreys
raheem humphreys преди 14 дни
Hearing him say Mont Saint-Michele like that hurt me
Howsly преди 14 дни
I wanna build that dirt cube now
Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk преди 14 дни
in these walls are mob farms in
《 。Velkie 。》
《 。Velkie 。》 преди 15 дни
*Me watching this knowing damn well I'm too lazy to build it:*
Jonah Hollywood
Jonah Hollywood преди 15 дни
part 3 interior
ROBOTSLAYER54 преди 16 дни
Can we have a uhhh, how to build a giant dirt block?
Beanzy Boy
Beanzy Boy преди 17 дни
is just me that gets annoyed about how many times grian says "digestible"
Panda Gamer77
Panda Gamer77 преди 17 дни
I use a nvidia GeForce GTX 3090! ITS SO AWSONE!
AKoalaOnMeHead преди 17 дни
stop omfg your crazy 🤣 I'll give you 1000000 dollars for your patience 😅
Jack Somers
Jack Somers преди 19 дни
I noticed that there really wasn’t a back to the Mega Base other than the mountain that it is built into. Is this from your previous experiences in season 7?
Jason playz
Jason playz преди 20 дни
Thanks for the content
wingy gamer
wingy gamer преди 21 ден
umm grian ur insparation is known to be 100+yrs old and it has secret tunnels
Fiz FairZy
Fiz FairZy преди 21 ден
Ah les normand vont être contents 😂
EavGuy преди 22 дни
Please do a giant dirt block tutorial, i'ts really hard.
gaming with isaiah
gaming with isaiah преди 23 дни
On bedrock you can do a command to make a trane
Hannah Travers
Hannah Travers преди 23 дни
I been to Saint mon michael and its INCREDIBLE
FIRE FOXX преди 25 дни
*uses world edit* *ps4/xbox user leave*
Zackary Coetzee
Zackary Coetzee преди 25 дни
I need a video on "How to finish the back-side of your mega base" please
CEO of the POG
CEO of the POG преди 25 дни
4 months late but what is that texture pack/ shader that Grian uses after the wool skeleton 10:00
Ink Fazkitty
Ink Fazkitty преди 26 дни
loud voice from the chicken, very off putting.
blasted wolf
blasted wolf преди 26 дни
It looks like the Disney castle but colered at 13:05
mps преди 21 ден
dengs home invasions
dengs home invasions преди 27 дни
**How to build the FRONT of a mega base**
Arlon Lucetius
Arlon Lucetius преди 27 дни
"Really Great Performance!" >Running minecraft at 25 fps with shaders on
Gabriel_Griffin 57
Gabriel_Griffin 57 преди 27 дни
First step learn how to build
Haden Flemming
Haden Flemming преди 28 дни
How long did it take
Daan Kruit
Daan Kruit преди 29 дни
make a ant hill of the dirt block with tunnels and everything
IronArk преди 29 дни
Every one is wondering how long it took them in creative mode Me wondering how to do it in survival
Joseph Morgan
Joseph Morgan преди 29 дни
One block at a time
user name
user name преди месец
"Yea mmhmm that 128x128 pile of dirt should be enough, Oh yea add windows, they look nice"
It’s mine now Grace
It’s mine now Grace преди месец
This helped me so much building my first mega base on the class smp
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez преди месец
alt title: how to build hyrule castle in minecraft
Jeffery The Pig
Jeffery The Pig преди месец
Part 2: the interior 10:00:00 long
Master Roshi
Master Roshi преди месец
The last 3rd is getting scar to finish it.
WhyIsThoo преди месец
I made my school laptop and my phone to sync the video completely useless to do
DemoTempest преди месец
Is it me or does the castle mega base look like the disney opening
Rockgirl 678
Rockgirl 678 преди месец
Poultry girl!
Thicc Baby Boy
Thicc Baby Boy преди месец
wht texture pack is this
Artem Katerynych
Artem Katerynych преди 16 дни
I think it’s the default one with RTX
Muhammad Hamza
Muhammad Hamza преди месец
I build my real house in minecraft
Desire преди месец
i love how the thumbnail is just like “this is part 1 of an advertisement”
Dan преди месец
Judd Otto
Judd Otto преди месец
I happen to think the giant dirt block is quite magnificent.
Calle Martinsson
Calle Martinsson преди месец
Calle Martinsson
Calle Martinsson преди месец
Carlos Nobrega
Carlos Nobrega преди месец
What is the name of the software he used in the beginning to change the terrain?
• M i a •
• M i a • преди месец
If this really was in survival, we would all know that the back would never be finished, knowing its Grian were talking about.
Dragon Hunter
Dragon Hunter преди месец
How do you get this shader on mobile please
Artem Katerynych
Artem Katerynych преди 16 дни
It’s not a shader, it’s RTX, and you need a PC with a graphics card that has RTX support.
BeanzPlayz преди месец
I am Getting Disney vibes
BeanzPlayz преди месец
I am planning to make a mega base in my smp and it's gonna be mob proof
Isaac Stanley
Isaac Stanley преди месец
this is the new season 8 base!! MAYBE
Isaac Stanley
Isaac Stanley преди месец
think about it he made the wool farm and its in France near the UK
CosmicREY преди месец
grian u forgot an important thing u need to make a good mega build skill.
PinkRBPlayz преди месец
13:16 looks like the Disney castle
OnYx_Flame преди месец
How could u diss my mega base the dirt block
Johan Maisonneuve
Johan Maisonneuve преди месец
1:51 It’s pronounced "Michel" as "Michelle Obama" :)
Justin Murtagh
Justin Murtagh преди месец
Minecraft RTX is so f***ing beautiful. And so is this build.
TheIgnorantPotato преди месец
How to build a mega base : don’t finish the back.
KaijuZilla ‘54
KaijuZilla ‘54 преди месец
I could already see what he was planning from the thumbnail
Jack Gregory
Jack Gregory преди месец
Serious Minas Tirith vibes from this
Italian sea creature
Italian sea creature преди месец
“Start by making a circle above the ocean” Me: **Laughs in building a life size titanic**
Ethan преди месец
Grian: **switches to bedrock to get ray tracing** Me: **laughs in optifine shaders**
louis george
louis george преди месец
Pearl's script for the whole video: "Let's go"
louis george
louis george преди месец
My mega base on a short lived survival server with my friends was only a bit better and about 3× the size than people like scar and grians starter bases 😂
louis george
louis george преди месец
To be fair - only 2 of the rooms were used and then everything else was in the basement 😂
You What
You What преди месец
just seeing you guys make this mega base made me want to puke
Xx anything_KayleeXx
Xx anything_KayleeXx преди месец
you can build higher now!
SyznR6 преди месец
why does this look like its straight out of Roblox
saltynoodles преди месец
0:59 "with my friend palesa" Mumbo : *TRAITOR.*
Neoc преди месец
Im sad because this is 100x harder in bedrock creative then in Java creative
Chance Kaufman
Chance Kaufman преди месец
this is such a good video
xBedwar преди месец
Grian: hey guys here is my mega base from season 7 hermitcraft Me: The WHAT
Kerriot Art
Kerriot Art преди месец
"We wanna make something a bit better than a mega dirt block" Me: *Impossible*
Ted Isaacson
Ted Isaacson преди месец
“How to build a mega base” *pretends season 7 doesn’t exist*
Andrew Galaviz
Andrew Galaviz преди месец
Now do it in survival
Nicholas Ayers
Nicholas Ayers преди месец
I know it’s not super important, but St. Michel is pronounced like St. Michelle😅sorry, just urked me a bit
oldpalnose преди месец
disney castle
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